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Crying Woman - Discomfort, Thought Junk - Spiritual Essence
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Feeling unwell: What could be the causes?

One topic of the Spiritual Essence is the various causes of malaise, which I would also like to address here. The following destructive energies could destructively influence the flow of life from the mental and subconscious mind.

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Distance healing -
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Soul injuries: What can we do to help?

Every soul being knows its path and its tasks. It incarnates where the soul is allowed to love, learn and gain knowledge in life with the physical body.

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Business man carries elephant over a rope - What is resilience? - Julia Mozar
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Resilience - what is that again?

Resilience is our psychological resistance, the ability to survive difficult life situations without lasting impairment. How do we increase it?

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Julia Mozar and her horse
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What is animal communication?

There are many ways to communicate with animals. In the best case, it is a communication in which both the animal and the human feel perceived and understood by the animal.

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Decision - a topic in itself

A decision is a limitation, a movement from one boundary to another and serves emotional maturity.

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Spiritual healing - what is it?

Spiritual healing is a natural and gentle healing method that encourages people and animals to develop their self-healing powers and energy flow.

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History of healing through communication and energy flow

Healing through communication and energy flow using the hands has been known for thousands of years. Jesus is one of the best known people who practiced this miraculous work.

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Moving together - Nadine Julia Mozar
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Moving together

Scientists are still trying to find out what the origin of everything was millions of years ago, where it all came from. I could spend my lifetime doing that.

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Meditation - Nadine Julia Mozar
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Meditation - My experience and a guide

The alignment in meditation with the primal trust and the primal source that makes the beat in our heart is for me the most beautiful and liberating action that I integrate and live in my everyday life.

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Spirituality and its marketing

Spirituality and marketing. How can they be reconciled? How do I personally want to deal with them? These questions have been on my mind. I'm sharing the results with you here.

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What is spirituality for you?
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What is spirituality for you?

For me, spirituality is a subtle, individual dialog with the superconscious. It promotes joy for life and strengthens the innermost truth.

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