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Decision - a topic in itself

Nadine Julia Mozar
2 min.

I am Nadine Julia

I am a mother I am a wife

I am a medical assistant
I am a flight attendant
I am a shaman
I am a healer
I am a meditation teacher

I am an animal communicator I am a spiritual medium

I am a horsemanship trainer I am an expert I am an awareness coach

I am an animal lover I am a daughter I am a sister
I am a cook

I am the manager of a family business

I am a cleaner in my own home I am a globetrotter

I am body I am thought I am love I am light
I am the original source

I am always one thing: "I AM"

As personalities, most people know themselves, are ex- perts in their external life circumstances.

The innermost, the fine, noble, clear, which is not recognizable to many through the veil of condensed life on the outside, brings with it a greatness that is a challenge for many. Lifting the curtain from the stage of life in order to feel and see what the light, your soul, wants to tell you, in order to be allowed to read in pure consciousness, is a gift that we have brought with us to earth in order to integrate it into our lives.

A decision is a limitation, a movement from one boundary to another and serves emotional maturity, is time-bound and thus assigned to the smallest part of yourself, the personality.

The inner self does not need a decision. The decision is conceived for the outer self. A decision is made between two parts. Love and fear, war and peace, loud and quiet, etc. Duality, which we live here on earth.

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