Spiritual Essence

The journey into your innermost being

Spirituel Essence - Julia Mozar
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"Spiritual Essence" prepares you for the new awareness of the world!

Experience how you can find your way back to yourself and lead a life according to your wishes and talents.

Next start: August 2024

Joie de vivre & health

Our innermost being gives us wisdom, love, strength and healing. Spiritual Essence offers you the opportunity to live your potential together with your spirituality, to develop your perceptive abilities and to activate your self-healing powers in order to bring a higher quality of life, health and more satisfaction into your life.

Further development helps you to get to know your inner self, to trust your innermost voice and inner promptings, to recognize and develop your intuitive abilities and also to provide constructive support to those around you.

Key data

  • 4 to approx. 5 months Accompaniment
  • 5 intensive weekends in the group
  • 1 weekend in nature incl. horse-assisted leadership training
  • Incl. catering on the weekends
  • 6 hours of individual work
  • 5 lovingly designed handouts
  • Q&A evenings with joint meditation online
  • More than 100 hours together

The number of participants per training cycle is limited to 10 for this in-depth, individual work and finesse.

Julia Mozar - Spiritual Essence
Photo: werbe.art.kontor Hamburg

Training highlights

Julia Mozar - Spiritual Essence
Photo: werbe.art.kontor Hamburg
  • Grow in your personality
  • Learn to resolve stress yourself
  • Recognize and live the power of self-love
  • Transform your charisma into a charismatic, loving being
  • Strengthen your skills in working together and as a leader
  • Unfold your medial intelligence
  • Spiritual healing for humans and animals
  • Job-related individual work
  • Growing together from the heart

I will accompany you lovingly and profoundly for about four months on your path of consciousness change with new impulses, meditations, energetic healing treatments and soul conversations.

This work enriches you with new impulses, transformation and self-knowledge. It leads you into a lively, soulful and clearer being.

This journey into your innermost self lives from personal soul encounters with people and animals, transformational work and practical exercises.

Would you like to trust even more in the naturalness of life, recognize cause and effect and be successful through love, strength and knowledge? Then this training is ideal for you.

Julia Mozar - Spiritual Essence
Photo: werbe.art.kontor Hamburg

Contents of the training

  • How does the energy flow through us work?
  • The aura before and after a meditation - we take aura photos
  • Sensing the aura and chakras on humans and horses
  • The seven main chakras, extended chakras & secondary chakras
  • Recognizing the depth of our soul
  • Connect with the original source
  • Focus on health: How do body, soul and spirit come into harmony?
  • What is mediumship and why is it beneficial?
  • Refining your own perceptual skills
  • Differences between sensitivity and mediality
  • The collective consciousness of the people
  • What influence does self-love have on our lives?
  • Mental consciousness, subconscious, superconscious
  • Intuition
  • Feel the energy of trees and stones
  • Radiesthesia: Detection of earth radiation, water, electrosmog
  • Natural remedies from nature
  • Getting to know spiritual beings
  • Working with tools of the trade: getting to know the pendulum, tensor and rod
  • The path to a new reality
  • and much more.

What makes it special

Julia Mozar - Spiritual Essence
Photo: werbe.art.kontor Hamburg
  • It is intensive, personal and holistic work
  • I get to know your environment
  • Animals accompany us
  • You will join a very small group whose organization, content and scheduling is flexible
  • Together we create the best conditions to give your soul space to unfold
  • Following the training, you can attend further seminars, e.g. to expand on spiritual healing and use it professionally, etc.    

Recognize your spirituality further

Spiritual Essence - five intensive group modules and six hours of individual work on four weekends over a period of about four months. We will spend many hours meditating together. We will spend a day with the horses in nature. They will help us to get to know ourselves even better and mirror ourselves. Horses make us realize how deeply we are connected to nature.

I recommend that you take the time to attend the seminar at the weekend. This will allow us to give space to the new consciousness in a focused and relaxed way.

No matter what profession you are in, whether married or single, with children or without, working with animals or simply for yourself - love and spirituality are part of our being. In step with modern times and in harmony with nature, we will explore your personal matters of the heart together and create a new awareness for you and your environment.

Are you already working in a medical profession or as a coach, trainer, consultant or perhaps in spiritual healing? Then enjoy individual support. We build on your experience and your existing knowledge.

Success & holism

For me, being successful-rich is the path that we walk from the heart and that also serves others. Spiritual Essence goes far beyond positive thinking and the application of methods: together we immerse ourselves in the subtle and subtle-material areas of our lives. We experience what is given to us. We refine communication, which not only benefits you, but also your family and your private or professional environment. We activate life energies and self-healing!

Schedule for the on-site seminars

We will work together on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 am to around 5:00 pm.

The individual time for each participant fits into the four-month period as required. Your family can also use this time for themselves.

Almost every week I answer your questions on the topics of the training. A guided meditation in the group ensures transformation. Your family and animals are welcome to participate. They are invited to increase their life energy. We will set the dates together.

We will end our day together in nature with a small farewell party and a buffet. We will also set this date together.


Catering is included on all development days on site in Ahrensburg: still water, coffee and tea, as well as fruit, are available to you throughout the weekend. We will prepare a vegetarian lunch for you and provide cake in the afternoon.

Please contact me so that we can get to know each other, create the best conditions together and you may receive recommendations for hotels or guesthouses.

For this individual work and finesse, the number of participants per training cycle is limited to a maximum of 10 people.


Venue: In the Allmende seminar room, Bornkampsweg 36, 22926 Ahrensburg near Hamburg

10 people may participate.

Together we have so many opportunities to carry out this intensive training.

Do you have any special requests that you would like to learn?

I look forward to working with you. We will find the ideal way.

To register for this training course, please contact me

Request information on further training

Voices for Spiritual Essence

Spiritual Essence has opened up a new world for me in which there are many more enriching things to discover. I have strengthened my self-confidence and managed to go beyond my earthly existence into trust. Being personally accompanied for almost half a year showed me many patterns, gave me tools, solved a lot and showed me how to come into my power. It showed me that everything I need lies within me and created magical moments for me that will accompany me on my path and my family into eternity.

Carolin F., Bargteheide

There is so much on the Internet, so your open and cordial manner led me to you. I let my feelings guide me. It was exactly right. Everything we have experienced, your benevolent texts and the very warm, personal contact over a long period of time have created a profound connection to the original source. My wish to bring more light into the world has come true. I am deeply grateful for this.

Martina R., Trittau

Spiritual Essence has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of many core values and to move towards value freedom. There has been a huge shift for me both privately and professionally. During this journey, many things have changed into certainty. This insightful support is in no way comparable to other coaching sessions I have already completed. I have stepped out of external influences and can decide from my innermost being. I now realize that the spirit takes place on a completely different level. This has been the best investment in my life so far.

Alexander T., Lübeck

While waiting in a queue, I overheard people talking about Julia and her healing work. I called her suspiciously, she invited me to a mediation evening and we got to know each other. The result was a fulfilling evening. My decision was made - I wanted to take this journey to myself. Self-awareness, serenity, strength, joie de vivre and the opening of spiritual healing were the reward. For me as a vet, this step is also an enormous enrichment for the animals. My personal complaints normalized, pain ceased and if there is something that bothers me, no problem, as I can now help myself. Dissatisfaction with stagnant healing, a "coincidence" followed by a fascinating journey into my innermost being finally led to resolution and healing. I thank Julia for guiding me to and on this path and will continue to follow it now that I have found it.

Anja L., Schleswig Holstein

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