For me, spirituality is
an indescribable gift.

Nadine Julia Mozar - Healer and Medium
Photo: Ronny Barthel

About me

I am a woman who is in love, follows her heart, moves life together, lives as naturally as possible and is therefore at peace.

If a person turns away from their heart, they may become ill, even sad or aggressive. The heart gets out of sync, the hormones go crazy. Some people may burn out or even see no meaning in life anymore.

For me, it is a gift that the body and our innermost being communicate with us. I also rediscovered this hidden language and now draw on the power of unconditional love to accompany people into their life force and into a higher consciousness.

Today, my expanded sensory perception abilities lead me to mental blockages that people no longer have access to. I can also feel the pain and sensitivities of others in my body. This makes it possible for me to be a medium for adults, children and animals. I pass on new impulses and open up paths that unite people with their innermost being and with nature.

Influenced by my mother, who worked as a therapist, I set out after my school days to help people heal - at that time I worked in a general practice for many years. I gained impressions of how traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry deal with illnesses. Today, my experiences with alternative healing methods and self-healing have given me a different perspective on many things and I appreciate the modern possibilities in the field of healing.

I was drawn to the world. In the course of my life, I have been able to travel a lot and get to know many people, cultures and countries. Healing methods around the globe inspire me. I learned how every person and every being develops their very own language and thus writes their very own story. Just like I am telling you mine here. Communicating with each other is always fascinating for me. I see opportunities where I wish that many people would open up, hear themselves talk and reflect and perceive themselves more.

I look back with gratitude and am pleased that the hidden secrets of life, healing and love have long ceased to be secrets and that they have been told to me. I am happy about the change in consciousness that is clearly noticeable in many parts of the world, appreciate the new techniques of today and the quality in which we are allowed to live here.

With love and gratitude, Julia Mozar

A little story

It is said that the gods once took counsel. They determined to unite the greatest treasure with the heart. They knew that people would only search in the outside world, not in the depths and darkest corners of themselves. They decided that the treasure would only be recognizable to those who wanted to recognize it from the bottom of their hearts and did everything in their power to do so. People always have light with them at all times. But some do not find the switch.

The treasure is within you and only you have the key to happiness.

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