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Nadine Julia Mozar - Healer & Medium

Healthy thoughts & spiritual healing work

As a medium in connection with spiritual healing, I accompany you. A higher consciousness activates self-healing, makes you happy, leads you into your power and finds solutions.

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Nadine Julia Mozar is a clairvoyant spiritual medium. Through this extraordinary talent, she brings people into contact with - unconsciously or consciously - repressed soul parts and opens the way for peace, healing and successful communication in personal and professional situations. In her lectures, she shares her knowledge in easily understandable and touching language.

Petra Richard
(Business and management coach)

Ms. Mozar has, as she puts it, supported my self-healing powers, so that various complaints became a thing of the past after just a few sessions. Visits to her refresh me so much that I visit her regularly even when I don't have any complaints, as a kind of wellness program. She is my first port of call for new health problems. An absolute recommendation!

Holger S.

Ms. Mozar showed me the light that I could no longer see on the way to myself. I love working with her because EVERY session is an optimization. My children also benefit a lot from her, it takes the burden of everyday life off them and they are completely back to themselves. Anyone who wants to develop further, both mentally and emotionally, should give it a try. It is worth it!

Kerstin S., Lüneburg

In recent years, Ms. Mozar has been very helpful to us time and again, whether for a sudden loss of hearing, for "energy recharges" in times of "energy lulls" or for dealing with the past that was weighing on the soul without being aware of it. Ms. Mozar's perceptive abilities are impressive, and her visits are extremely effective!

Karin M., Hamburg

I have known Mrs. Mozar as a "fairy godmother" for a long time. Both my horses and I personally were able to experience the stimulation of self-healing through energy, empathy and calm. She said that I too could pass on peace, trust and energy. And it's true: You can achieve a lot with feeling and love for the creature. The soul and the gift of perceiving it are miracle cures. Thank you very much!

Beate G., Bargteheide

Whether cat, dog or human, everyone in our household has already benefited from Nadine Julia Mozart's loving support of self-healing powers - with wonderful results. And thanks to the four intensive Spiritual Essence weekends, I am rediscovering more and more of my intuition. What a great feeling! Thank you, Julia, for accompanying me on this journey.

Julia J., Ammersbek

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