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Soul injuries: What can we do to help?

Nadine Julia Mozar
5 min.

Every soul being knows its path and its tasks. It incarnates where the soul is allowed to love, learn and gain knowledge in life with the physical body. This is our birthright with which we live here on earth.

Depending on the plan of the soul being, it wants to have experiences that lead to reuniting with the original soul in order to be consciously in harmony with everything earthly.

Many people are now aware of this, but some are not. Some people know their higher consciousness and act intuitively from the heart.

Opening up to all the wondrous, natural, peaceful, world-changing, creative being that we as humans had cut ourselves off from can now be physically experienced again by many, many people on earth. This is such a wonderful evolutionary step that we have already created for ourselves as humanity.

When I think back to almost 20 years ago, I'm glad that so many people are engaging with spirituality and have consciously reunited to bring light, love and self-healing with spiritual power into the world. That saves a lot of mental and physical waste.
Every person who is aware of the spiritual laws and the connection to the highest light deals with life mindfully, carefully and sensibly. They heal themselves, invite enlightenment into their lives and use it to brighten their lives when they are going through rough times.

Everyone receives help in life if they have strayed from their soul's path for whatever reason. It is possible for people to reflect, learn and forgive.
I, too, can remind myself again and again that it is not a matter of course that people are already in higher consciousness.

Some people have suffered so many injuries that they have unconsciously cut off trust and thus themselves in the feeling of higher consciousness. They no longer have a feeling of what is beneficial coming from the heart, as is already possible for many, many people.

Each of us has our very own tasks that we have been given to learn in life. One person may learn to trust, the next may want to use their clairvoyance, the next may want to get to know the physical first. Yet another may learn that there is such a thing as love, etc.

However, there are also many manipulated and raped soul beings who have been abused by unholy action. These include victims of war, victims of child abuse or soul beings incarnated as animals. They often fall victim to human abuse. As a result of physical and emotional injuries, they often completely lose their warmth, life energy and meaning in life.

These soul beings long to be a pure soul again and to leave the suffering of physical life.

It is terrible to see how people or animals suffer. We can read this suffering in their eyes. There is virtually no radiance left. People who are still able to feel can sense this disaster.
What can we do for these soul beings who have strayed from their path in life and are suffering pain?
The best help for a peaceful, intact world is to be a good role model and do your best to preserve naturalness and harmony.

We possess incredible spiritual power. We can let this flow into our thoughts in order to then create and send a healing impulse of salvation with new energy impulses when a soul needs help.
We can connect with the primal source of all-one-ness, or whatever you call the highest, and say a prayer about the higher levels of our being. In doing so, we send out new impulses that are transmitted via the path of the spiritual world.

In this way, help from the spiritual world could be given by chance (it comes to you), which then shows itself visibly in the physical and mundane. Be it through people, books, seminars, groups and medicinal plants. Even animals could help.

We could invite them into a circle of friends or groups to offer them an environment that is good for them and brings them joy. We could take them to high-energy places. A forest could help to ground them. The sea cleanses the aura through the salt, which can raise your own vibration.

Animals can also be healing. For example, you could take a walk with a dog or horse across meadows and fields.

We could warmly prepare something nice to eat. Every being is happy about their favorite dish.

We could invite, inspire and encourage people to see the world through different eyes.

We could light a candle every day for someone we wish to be in the light again and find their way out of the dark tunnel.

We could use the Ho'opopono. The forgiveness ritual of the Kahunas from Hawaii is a powerful transformation process.

We could make a healing circle. The healing circle could be made of healing stones, beautiful ribbons, flowers, pearls or other things that are close to your heart. A photo or name with a date of birth is placed in the center of the healing circle.

We could ask the guardian angels and power animals to come to the soul being's side to help them.

So we have many opportunities to help people and animals in need. Some people have completely lost their sense of self.

Our soul with its spiritual power guides us, gives us support and frees us from discord. Perhaps you are already aware of this, perhaps not.

You are always welcome to expand your consciousness and integrate the power of the spirit into your life.

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