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Feeling unwell: What could be the causes?

Nadine Julia Mozar
2 min.

One topic of the Spiritual Essence is the various causes of discomfort, which I would also like to address here.

The following destructive energies could destructively influence the flow of life from the mental and subconscious mind. 

Mental and emotional causes, emotional causes, energetic causes, chemical causes and spiritual causes can all feel like separation from the higher consciousness or soul. Under all these points, there would be further sub-points. For example, old stressful family issues that have been in effect for generations or other blocking energies could be transferred to babies and children. Sometimes these issues skip a generation. Today, for example, we also speak of so-called war grandchildren. 

With everything you read here in the listings, please remember that this is an excerpt and that these are energies that have been created by an unhealthy human mind in the past. I also like to call it "mind junk".

The aim here is to redeem them, transform them, forgive them and thus envelop them in unconditional love in order to bring about a transformation process to raise their vibration.

Both the alignment of a loving, compassionate, powerful and goal-oriented attitude in the morning and the reflection in the evening with gratitude for the day give me insights that are enriching for life. I keep reminding myself what it means to live a constructive, loving existence and to be with my heart so that it is for the highest good of all.

I am very grateful when I have recreated life in a meaningful way. Joy and love are some of the most beautiful things we can share. 



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