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Resilience - what is that again?

Nadine Julia Mozar
3 min.

Resilience is our psychological resistance, the ability to survive difficult life situations without lasting impairment.

We know and master our daily routine tasks. But what happens when situations develop differently than usual? What happens when our ability to act, our optimism, is clouded by negative events? What happens when confidence wanes? We ourselves are the first and last point of contact for all matters in our environment. In a time of crisis, safety comes first. But is there really such a thing as security? Can we also emerge stronger from crises?

In my view, it is particularly important to take care of yourself and maintain your mental resilience. There is a wide range of methods and ideas on the subject of stress management worldwide.

For me, self-care topics include identifying personal sources of strength, a loving, constructive mindset, a good diet, plenty of exercise, maintaining social networks, media hygiene and meditation. Fresh air and healthy sleep round off the well-being and strengthen resilience.

Every way of dealing with crises is individual. Therefore, everyone can find out for themselves which aspects are particularly important for their own resilience in this situation.

Crises are disharmonies, ambiguities, low vibrating energies and can be both obvious and subliminal. Some people would never notice a crisis. Others may not even admit that they are under severe stress. The corona crisis is even a global crisis in which every country is trying to regain its strength.

How can we maintain resilience?
We could collect as many loving moments and constructive emotions as possible. We could go in search of a higher purpose in life. Everyone could bring in mindfulness, clarity, tolerance, compassion and warmth for themselves and others. In my view, it is important for harmonious coexistence and the preservation of resilience to take time for oneself and to reflect on oneself.

Activating the self-healing power through meditation and the associated cleansing of the subtle body, which surrounds us as an aura and allows life energies to flow into the physical body via the chakras in the meridians, is my top priority.

For me, the spiritual power that is inherent in everything is an extraterrestrial source of strength that flows into worldly events and can thus fill our naturalness as human beings with life energy, quality of life, vitality and joie de vivre.

If we consciously take the spiritual source with us on our journey through life by means of meditation, it enriches our everyday life with courage, relaxation, performance, concentration, health and resilience.

If certain strategies, meditation and personal reflection are no longer helpful, it can be a relief to ask for professional support in order to shed light on your own psychological resilience from a different angle and explore new avenues.

In deep connection, I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you always maintain your own connection to the primal source of being and thus strengthen your resilience.

All the best Julia

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