Healthy soul power - impulse evening with Nadine Julia

Impulses, meditation, transformation, consciousness

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Increase awareness, heal, recharge your batteries, relax

More than ever, we need clarity, vitality and courage in these turbulent times.

This healing meditation and transformation enables you to:

  • Draw strength,
  • Find clarity,
  • Organize feelings,
  • Cleanse external energies,
  • Expand awareness,
  • receive new impulses and

let the love inside you radiate outwards - ideal for rough times and after a stressful week at work.

All transformation evenings, which take place in a protected setting with 15 people, are based on a suitable theme at the time, on which I provide new medial thought impulses before the joint meditation. I lovingly accompany the subsequent silent meditation with a cleansing, healing energy flow. In this way, blockages or vibrational energies that you have unconsciously absorbed through everyday life can be released and transformed.

Do you have something on your mind that can be resolved and transformed in meditation? Before the contribution and the meditation, there will be an opportunity for a brief exchange. Please contact me.

For information and for whatever is on your mind, please contact me.

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Votes for Nadine Julia

Things always turn out the way they need to and I have found exactly what I needed. The transformation evenings are truly transformative. Guided by Julia's blessed meditations, I met myself in my heart.

The monthly healing evenings have accompanied me for almost a year now through joy, sadness and a stressful exam period. The evenings have helped me to find my inner strength and trust in myself.

Carina S., Hamburg

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