Boy with binoculars in nature
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What does the world look like to you?

Nadine Julia Mozar
2 min.

We all see the world with very individual perceptions and images. The world is what we think it is.

In any case, many people agree on this point. Many people would like to have a feeling of being recognized, respected, healthy and happy.

But what if all the applause we get from the audience is not enough recognition?

What if respect for others is not at eye level, but from above?

What if pain is almost an addiction? Have you heard the saying: "Only the tough get into the garden?"

We set our own boundaries with our minds. We give ourselves the framework in which we live. With a decision, we open the floodgates for a flow of life. But where does the impetus for decisions come from?

Concentration and focus determine in every moment where the impulse comes from, where the energy is directed and what kind of energy is sent. The more natural and light-filled the energy is, the more powerful the expression and action will be.

A wonderful phrase for me is: "As you call into the forest, so it sounds out." Or: "As goes the master, so goes the servant."

In the here and now, life takes place on all levels. On the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, right up to the primordial source. There is a lot going on.

Now we have the strength to set the course for tomorrow. Everything is built into us for this.

For me, truth lies in effectiveness, serves the development of the soul and is in harmony with nature.

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