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History of healing through communication and energy flow

Nadine Julia Mozar
2 min.

Healing through communication and energy flow using the hands has been known for thousands of years. Jesus is one of the best known people who practiced this miraculous work.

Back then, people guarded the secret of healing and protected it from abuse of power. The knowledge was only passed on to selected individuals who worked as priests, masters or shamans in the various religions. Healing work is possible today as it was then.

Healing energy is inherent in the natural roots of each of us. We could heal ourselves.

Both research institutes and scientists confirm the effect of healing energetic vibrations.

We can tell how we are feeling physically and emotionally from our charisma. Thanks to our fine antennae. We are able to recognize warmth, discomfort and fear in other people. We prefer to surround ourselves with loving people who do us good than with people who drain our strength through destructiveness.

We intuitively place our hands on our stomach when we have stomach pain and on our head or back when we have head or back pain.

Love, a constructive mental focus on life and consciousness allow us to develop our personality, support cell formation in the body and give us peace. Dissatisfaction and destructive thinking ignite pain and even war.

Today, healing treatments with the laying on of hands are used in public institutions, hospitals, holistic practices and clinics and have long since ceased to be a secret.

They are the modern future based on ancient knowledge.

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