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Animal communication and spiritual healing

Julia Mozar with her horse
Photo: Ronny Barthel

Animal communication

Animals respond wonderfully to telepathic communication because - unlike humans - they do not have a doubting mind. To activate their self-healing powers, energetic blockages in animals can also be detected, released and brought into a harmonious balance.

Whether horse, dog, cat or rabbit - I am happy to lend my voice to your animal in order to build more understanding, closeness, serenity, freedom and trust from heart to heart. And to explain the connections to you and make them understandable. It can be a good help for you and the animal to detect conflicts between you or to solve mental and physical problems of the animal.

Basically, it always makes sense.

Animal communication dog - Julia Mozar
Photo: Holger Bulk
Julia Mozar with her horse
Photo: Ronny Barthel

Animal communication can simply be a joy and is a gift for you and the animal.

Perhaps you would like to know if the animal is happy?

Does it have a wish?

How is he doing?

You want to discuss important things with him if something serious changes. It could be that you are getting another animal, a change of location is imminent or perhaps a change of owner is in the offing?

Would you like to tell him that you are going on vacation or perhaps away for a longer period of time and someone else is looking after the animal?

Would you like to know why there is stress or behavioral problems?

Animal communication strengthens the warm friendship between humans and animals. For me, it is incredibly important that what our animals tell us is taken seriously and you can work towards this.

Spiritual healing for animals

Spiritual healing is a natural and gentle healing method that encourages people and animals to develop their self-healing powers and energy flow.

Healing vibrations flow during spiritual healing. There are different frequencies around us. Similar to a WLAN transmission or a radio station setting, the vibrations are requested by means of consciousness.

Animals enjoy a recharge through energetic vitalization, regenerate the entire energetic system and benefit from fresh life energy for well-being and the activation of self-healing powers.

Stressful feelings, emotional blockages and traumatic experiences are profound energetic vibrations. Animals can carry fears, stress, sadness and a feeling of inner emptiness just as we humans do. Here it is possible to lead the burdening energy through an energetic conversion process - transformation - into an easier life.

Photo: Anja Schacht
Julia Mozar and her horse
Photo: Ronny Barthel

Animals can carry negative foreign energies in the aura or in the subtle system of the body which can influence their well-being, feelings and behavior. Some animals mirror their owners and take on some of the human stresses and strains, in which case I recommend an energetic cleansing.

Destructive electromagnetic influences, pathogenic water veins, permanent destructive thought energies and projections of the owners onto the animal or a stressful stable climate could be released through spiritual healing.

The possibilities for supporting serious recovery processes with spiritual healing are great. For example, vitalization of the life force can also help during hospital stays or operations.

Votes for Nadine Julia

Unfortunately, our Icelandic gelding suffers badly from typical eczema in the summer months. After trying many different and expensive creams, sprays and methods, we ended up with Julia 3 years ago on a personal recommendation. Since then, Julia's treatment has become an integral part of our "anti-eczema strategy", which strengthens both our Isi and us in dealing with him. And as a side effect, we learn a lot about the "emotional life" of our animal family member with Julia. We no longer want to do without this.

Jutta H., Hamburg

Our dog underwent a CT scan under general anesthesia and the tendon in her shoulder was then operated on. The operation went well. Over the next few days, our dog was terrified, which the vet simply played down. In my distress, I turned to Julia, who helped our dog incredibly well! The next day I had my "old" dog back again. We are infinitely grateful to Julia and will recommend her to everyone.
Many thanks Julia

Britta H., Reinfeld

Thank you Julia for your great help in getting Bella off the street and back on her feet. It wouldn't have been possible without you! 

Ute K., Bargteheide 

Dear Julia, your conversations with the dog I adopted were very helpful. In the meantime, he has changed from "I'm not the cuddly type and sometimes a biter" to a real cuddly type and friend. He has understood that I give him a safe and loving home. Without you, I would not have received all the insights and beautiful messages from my dog. Thank you also again for your energetic support for me, with which I was able to process the trauma of the bites so quickly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Anke F., Ahrensburg

I told Julia about my dog, who had been missing something for some time, but I couldn't figure out how to help him. Julia put herself in his shoes on a different level and was able to explain to me what he needed within a very short space of time. Now we have implemented everything and I hardly recognize him. He is better than he has been for a long time!

Katharina J., Hamburg

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