Moving together - Nadine Julia Mozar
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Moving together

Nadine Julia Mozar
2 min.

"It makes you happy to find solutions, peace and love within yourself."

Nadine Julia Mozar

Scientists are still trying to find out what the origin of everything was millions of years ago, where everything came from. I could spend my lifetime trying to find out why the eyes of all living creatures are on the head and not on the back... Just kidding!

Here and now, I personally focus on the warmth, strength, power and naturalness that is within me and become a knowledge creator.

So I am a solution-oriented being called human and I am happy every day when I get answers to questions, learn with joy and grow. In the most constructive cases, I receive answers to questions, both through my environment and through my mediumship, which are beneficial for all beings living here and create less suffering and waste.

For me, true knowledge is not a belief or an opinion, but is consistent with heart, mind and effect. This is how everything can unfold from the source.
Nature consists of a quantum of coarse, fine and very fine material body parts.

Here I could let off steam and immerse myself in the world of chemical and molecular structures, deal with biophotons and the speed of light, or look at different religions and cultures with personal beliefs. I have done a lot of this and I now look enthusiastically at the similarities, at the feeling, at what connects us, at the ground from which I was born.

I am inspired by love, natural intuition and biomechanics. It leads me into the unity of nature with all that is. For a compassionate, healthy, moving, harmonious life free from cruelty, judgment and condemnation.

If you wish, I will support you individually to find clarity about the connections between heaven and earth and to unite them in your heart.

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