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Energy systems: What are chakras?

Nadine Julia Mozar
3 min.

Chakras are part of the subtle energy system of humans and animals.

Everything that defines us - our ideas about life and our ability to enjoy it, our stamina, our endurance and our physical and emotional health - is reflected in our subtle energy body.

Each of the main chakras is responsible for certain areas of physical and mental-spiritual processes.
Disorders and blockages of the chakras can therefore manifest themselves both on a physical and psychological level or together in humans and animals.

Emotional, mental and spiritual work on our development and growth affects the energy bodies, improving their flow and light.

According to Indian belief, the chakras are the power centers of the human being.
The term chakra comes from the Sankskrit and means wheel. This indicates that the chakras are in constant motion.

The chakras consist of a multitude of spinning vortices of energy that exist from birth but develop at a certain time in our lives.

They are connected to each other by a central energy channel inside our body; further transverse power channels at the level of the respective chakra emerge from the respective central channel in a spiral both forwards and backwards. They are seen as receiving organs for cosmic energies and transformation centers for energy.

Ideally, the chakras work as a single harmonious system that collects and filters information and makes it available to us as a constant stream.

Our health and well-being can be affected by all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances and injuries during the development of the chakras and can lead to illness. Addictions, addictions and illnesses result from changes in our energy system and affect its healthy functioning.

Each chakra vibrates in a basic color corresponding to its task and is connected to certain organs and areas of the body.

With the help of consciousness and mental openness, it is possible for people to resolve disturbances and blockages for themselves.

Chakras can be consciously cleansed, clarified, harmonized and strengthened. This contributes to inner peace, emotional well-being, recovery and therefore a higher quality of life.

It is important to me to recognize that humans and nature are very similar. I therefore attach great importance to many practical exercises in the events that strengthen the feeling, contact and trust in the invisible.

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