Julia Mozar and her horse
Photo: Ronny Barthel

What is animal communication?

Nadine Julia Mozar
4 min.

There are many ways to communicate with animals. In the best case, it is a communication in which both the animal and the human feel perceived and understood by the animal. Here I write for you about how I use my psychic abilities to communicate with animals and about what I have learned about animal body language. Perhaps you will find yourself in it.

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For me, animal communication works on several levels. For example, I look at a horse with my objective perceptions. I recognize its facial expressions and gestures, and through its posture I can see how it is feeling. If the horse is lame or out of step, as experts say, I can tell because I have been studying the body language of horses for the last 40 years or so.

For about 15 years now, however, my perceptions have also changed and I have been involved in healing work. I can sense how an animal is feeling even before I have any personal contact with it. I perceive the animal purely through my thoughts about it.

And horses, for example, have the same possibility on the medial perception frequency. They always know how you are feeling and often mirror you.

For me, it's a gift to really know how the horses I'm working with are feeling. For example, I can tell very quickly whether a saddle is pinching or where the actual cause of lameness is, for example. Pain is often only recognized too late. I stopped competing 10 years ago. Many horses had headaches or bruised ribs from the spurs. I am glad that riding has already changed for the better.

Clairsentience helps me to perceive energies, sometimes even before they become visible in the body. As we are all made up of energy, I gently pass on the impulses I sense. First I ask whether the person wants to hear it at all and is open to the impulses. This applies to both humans and animals.

I don't force my impulses and perceptions on anyone. Unless it's life-threatening. Then I will be very clear to prevent the worst from happening. Otherwise, everyone is responsible for themselves and their animal and is allowed to have whatever experiences they want. The animal is then sometimes very shaken by the narcissism of the human.

If horse owners have questions for their animals, I communicate with them via telepathy (clairaudience). Before I communicate telepathically, I go into meditation, free myself from everyday issues and ask the animal whether it is ready to communicate with me. Horses, for example, come galloping towards me when they are ready. Again, I don't force a conversation on any animal and respect their free will.

For me, this kind of communication is a bit like sex. You don't do it with everyone. For me, mediumistic communication is a sacred area in which loving energy flows and in which encroachment must be denied.

Just like the outer senses - tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling and seeing - there are the psychic senses, such as intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairsentience and clairaudience. They are inherent in us and are opened up when we are mentally ready for them. For most people, this perception has become dormant and can be reawakened. With good guidance and training, it is possible for everyone to immerse themselves in more subtle communication.

My most pronounced channel is clairsentience. "I sense in passing." I have to concentrate a bit more for telepathy.

Everyone has their own main channel and their own personal mix of objective, subjective, selective and media perception. It is important to work this out ideally and to recognize your own strengths in your perceptual abilities.

Then we start talking about spiritual intelligence, which will be one of the new future skills for both the private and professional spheres.

I am happy to accompany you on your way. All my love


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