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Meditation - My experience and a guide

Nadine Julia Mozar
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The alignment in meditation with the primal trust and the primal source that makes the beat in our heart is for me the most beautiful and liberating action that I integrate and live in my everyday life.

In my view, maintaining resilience in these times is a masterpiece and an individual test for each and every one of us - including me.

They call us to discipline our thoughts and abilities, which we take responsibility for in the knowledge of the interconnectedness of togetherness. They also call on us to tidy up inside in order to create space for a new unfolding of ourselves and of togetherness.

Resilience - a word that stands for psychological resistance or the ability to survive difficult life situations without lasting impairment.

The inner peace, the feeling of infinite freedom, warmth, inner strength, the presence and greatness of the primal source and the connection to nature are an incredible gift for me.

In my view, rest, breaks and a free mental mind are essential in everyday life. Gathering new strength, regenerating, developing impulses and ideas and implementing them in a focused way requires all the conditions of being. This also applies to inner contemplation.

If you have any questions about meditation, I will be happy to answer them. Perhaps you would like to meditate with me, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Meditation guide:

Go to a place where you feel safe and comfortable.
Take a chair, the couch, the bed, a meditation cushion or a soft surface and perhaps light a candle.

A clock with an alarm function helps you to frame the time for meditation.
I personally meditate for 10 minutes to 1 hour. In the morning and evening and in between, depending on what I need for myself. One to four times a day. The important thing for me is that it feels good.

Make yourself comfortable.

Sit comfortably and upright.
The cross-legged or lotus position could be a comfortable sitting position directly on the floor. Place your hands loosely on your thighs with your palms facing upwards. Your thumbs and index fingers can touch. This hand position is called Gyan Mudra in India.

Close your eyes.

If you don't manage to close your eyes straight away, the candle will remind you of your innermost light. Gently try to calm down again and again.

Breathe in deeply, calmly and consciously through your nose a few times at your own pace. Enjoy how your breath flows through your whole body and breathe out again through your slightly open mouth.
Come into your body and relax.

After a few conscious breaths, continue breathing as usual without consciously influencing the breath.

Now direct your attention to your true presence and feel connected to the original source or your heart.
Enter into basic trust. Here you are safe and secure. Right now, in this moment, you are all to yourself.

You will notice that your mental mind becomes more and more calm.
If you have difficulties with the first few attempts, be patient and give yourself the chance to develop the meditation by repeating it several times.

Perhaps you have thoughts that distract you from your innermost strength, then be loving towards them. Perhaps an image in front of your inner eye will help you to calm down, for example a highway on which you travel directly to the primal source and leave the distracting thoughts to the left and right. Or put your thoughts in a hot air balloon that lets them fly away.

Your creativity can be limitless here to achieve your own personal peace and ease.

Enjoy recharging your batteries and stop the inner and outer dialog for a while. All wishes, hopes and fears can be put aside for a moment in order to achieve deep relaxation and inner peace.

Just be.

Once you have reached the end of your desired meditation time and the alarm clock rings, gently return your attention to your physical body. Stretch and straighten. Carefully open your eyes.
Feel how your body feels from your feet to your head, caress it and thank it for carrying you through life.

Come back into your body completely.

I sincerely wish you every success.

All the love


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