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Spirituality and its marketing

Nadine Julia Mozar
3 min.

Spirituality and marketing. How can they be reconciled? How do I personally want to deal with them? These questions have been on my mind. I'm sharing the results with you here.

With my information, my videos and podcasts - also about my work - I would like to open up new impulses and new possibilities for you. I am happy if you get to know me a little through this. Destructive thinking about my work or myself will be promptly rejected. So my advertising serves to show you that I'm here and what's new. But first and foremost, I'm happy about personal contact. My events are not mass events. I also stay away from guru-like appearances and will make limited use of Facebook and Instagram. My favorite thing is when your development - with my guidance - has enriched you and you tell others about it.

My work is about love, trust, transformation, healing and the unfolding of the soul on many levels of being. And for me, this is always a very special, valuable and private moment for a person.

Spiritual development is not a competition, let alone a rivalry. Even a short burst of emotion or video recordings and photos are often out of place at my events. The personal, small and protected setting of my events is important to me. This is the only way I can respond to individual needs. I specifically invite people to attend.

It is about a wonderful consciousness, about raising our vibration, which makes us shine and strengthens us. It is about deep knowledge and spiritual intelligence, which can be reflected in our society, in our heartfelt togetherness, in the family, at school, in our dealings with animals or at work.

It is about focused and consistently loving inner development for the soul and the very personal core competencies of each individual.
In my view, life can contain true joie de vivre, love and light.

Today, psychological profiles are created for marketing purposes in order to target and manipulate people. Blogs, websites, landing pages, videos, advertising on every conceivable platform.

Anyone who knows and has experienced me knows that my work comes from a pure heart and is free from greed and abuse of power. I reject destructive thinking about my actions or myself.

I serve only love, light and the highest source of higher consciousness, healing and peace on earth.

Giving in love, moving together in peace.



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