1:1 Conversation & spiritual healing in Ahrensburg

250,00  90 minutes

Joint work and energetic treatments in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, in the north of Germany. Through an empathetic, appreciative and spiritual approach, together we create new perspectives and strength for your personality, recovery and well-being. All of this can also have an impact on your private and working life.


Every Wednesday, the doors open for you at the Allmende Health Center, Bornkampsweg 36, 22926 Ahrensburg (near Hamburg) in order to

  • to draw strength,
  • to find clarity,
  • to organize feelings,
  • Develop mental strength,
  • To create emotional maturity,
  • Expand awareness,
  • receive new impulses and give your body vital energy.

You are heartily welcome to fulfill your life meaningfully, with quality of life and health! I will accompany you on your path through discussions and sensitive healing treatment.

In order to enable you to find the ideal path for your well-being, no matter what kind of burden you carry with you, it is important to me to be honest and profound in silence. to work.

"Love heals all wounds" - I offer knowledge, my spiritual abilities and time from the bottom of my heart and show a way for people and animals to find ways of recovery in order to regain inner peace and well-being within themselves.

Activate self-healing

Working together and activating your self-healing power is like taking a short journey through time together. Through conversations, meditation, transformational work and a natural flow of energy - all in a protected setting - we create something new together: new inspiration, new perspectives and new vitality.

Body, mind and soul are in harmony in their naturalness.

Spiritual healing

It is a great gift to combine higher consciousness and spiritual healing. Through my soul gifts, training and experience, I see it as my task to lend a hand to people and animals to accompany them on their path in challenging times.

The soul needs the mind so that it can develop freely into the body and beyond.

What do you live for?

What thoughts and emotions do you want to be in?

How would you like your body to feel?

What can be your next step in life now?

What do you wish for in terms of your well-being, health, family & friends and career?

Procedure of the healing work

Arrive relaxed in my room at the Allmende health center.

During your first visit, we will get to know each other personally in a relaxed atmosphere and clarify questions and formalities about working together.

We start with a small mindfulness exercise in the form of a silent mini-meditation to allow everyday thoughts to calm down. A short current check on your current sensations and perception of the body also helps to let go of the old and create space for the new. May everything work out the way that is best for you.

Then feel invited to address, clarify and transform whatever is on your mind.

Through the healing power of the words and/or the spiritual laying on of hands, your being has the opportunity to remember being healed again, right down to the cells.

Sometimes a deeper resting phase or a spiritual healing work of laying on of hands is required. Then you can make yourself comfortable on the treatment table and get your spirits back on track with my help. While you relax from everyday life, I will gradually get to the cause of your discomfort to release it.

At the end of this absolutely light-filled healing work, there will be a feeling of "now it is good". This will bring our time to a gentle close.

Did you like our work? Then come back again. For new appointments, we will discuss the many possibilities and find the best option for your well-being and development.

With gratitude, we return to everyday life and turn our gaze to the present and the future.