1:1 Conversation & spiritual healing as distance healing

250,00  90 minutes

Without limits and resource-saving: With remote help - because physical distance doesn't matter! - we use the power of self-healing to create new perspectives for your recovery and well-being. The energetic self-healing powers work during and after a telephone call.


Anything is possible with energetic healing work! Because energy is universal and comes from the heart - with the help of the spiritual world. That is why it is possible to activate the self-healing power even without physical proximity, e.g. from Hamburg to Shanghai or San Francisco. This work is always fascinating for me too and each time it is a gift from heaven!

Just as in the personal encounter, I use my extrasensory perception skills during the conversation or the spiritual healing work. I remain completely neutral in order to track down the causes of your discomfort and transform them with the help of higher consciousness. In this way, profound self-healing processes can be set in motion and recovery can happen from within.

No matter where you are on earth. There are no limits to the spiritual, mental and emotional healing work you can do to make your body feel better again. Relax and enjoy this spiritual experience.

Together we create something new: new inspiration, new perspectives and new vitality.

You are very welcome to work with me remotely.

Procedure of the work

Working together remotely begins with an exchange over the phone. Please create a relaxed atmosphere in advance so that you create the best conditions for your life change.

During your first meeting, we will get to know each other, clarify questions and formalities for working together. I will send you the formalities in advance by email.

We start with a small mindfulness exercise in the form of a silent mini-meditation to allow everyday thoughts to calm down. A short current check on your current sensations and perception of the body also helps to let go of the old and create space for the new. May everything work out the way that is best for you.

In a soul talk, we clarify your needs and wishes in relation to your well-being, health, family, school or career. Together we will look at what is already helpful for you in your current situation and what I and the spiritual world can do for you.

Every person is individual and needs individual time and support. That's why we approach the conversation with calm, honesty, composure and free from time pressure.

Through the healing power of words and/or spiritual healing at a distance, your being has the opportunity to remember being healed again, right down to the cells.

Sometimes you need a deeper resting phase in which I work with you purely mentally in absolute silence from a distance. We both put the phone aside for this.

You simply rest in your relaxed atmosphere and recharge your batteries for your everyday life.

While you relax, I will communicate with your higher self. This will lead me step by step to the cause of your discomfort in order to resolve it. As soon as the spiritual treatment comes to an end, we will continue our conversation.

At the end of this absolutely light-filled healing work, there will be a feeling of "now it is good". This will bring our time to a gentle close.

Afterwards, it is helpful to plan enough time to store the fresh impulses and vital energies in the body.

Did you like our work? Then I would be happy to accompany you on another part of your life's journey. For new appointments, we will discuss the many possibilities and look for the best for your well-being and development.

With gratitude, we return to everyday life and turn our gaze to the present and the future.