A healing session with Julia Mozar
Photo: Ronny Barthel

What is possible with spiritual healing?

Nadine Julia Mozar
4 min.

In which areas is it possible to help with spiritual healing?

Everything consists of energy. We are surrounded by a multitude of vibrations.
The more conscious, pure, clear and natural we are ourselves, the more quality of life, health and mental stability flows into our lives. Our soul finds space to unfold in life.

If a person is no longer able to free themselves from low vibrations and illnesses, they need help, awareness and transformation for new vitality.

In the past, people have made themselves dependent on the outside world.
The self-healing powers that everyone has within them have been disregarded and deliberately suppressed by machinations and punished in the past. In my view, it is time to recognize this again and make use of it.

Sometimes a range of assistance is required. Such as a physiotherapist to build up muscles, or a doctor in serious acute situations for humans and animals.
A healing team, which could consist of a healer, doctor and physiotherapist working well together, is a gift in difficult times.

Here are a few examples where a healer could help you with transformational work until you have regained the awareness to heal yourself and a sense of yourself.

Destructive thought patternster by external influences such as pressure, coercion or destructive projections from others in the mental sphere. Make you tired in the long term and can lead to serious mental illness.
Mental trauma can lead to self-abandonment, for example.

Inherited family themes can attract a resonance of destructive lifestyles and also recurring illnesses, such as inherited acne, or bankruptcies and loss of possessions can resonate in life.

Through poor diet the natural chemical processes in the body can be disturbed for humans and animals. For example, pure spring water has a natural vibration in contrast to tap water. Moldy hay for horses and artificial flavorings in animal feed can weaken the animal.

Chemical causes Inhaling toxic substances, such as the cabin air of an airplane, or using deodorants that contain aluminum can lead to illness.

Spiritually applied practices can destructively thwart people's path. The worst example: Hitler. He also knew the cosmic laws and they are still being misused today to manipulate people.
At the moment, for example, in marketing.
Very permeable and loving people, children and animals are a perfect match. There are no destructive patterns in them. It often takes a long time for the destructive pattern to be recognized by them in a gradual process that can lead to depression. Around 60 % of children are depressed as a result of external media influences.

Room disturbances such as electrosmog, water veins or harmful building materials can have a destructive effect on humans and animals.
For example, if you have rented a room in a hotel for a seminar that was previously used for crisis talks, this energy could still be in the room. Perhaps you have bought a house that has always been the scene of arguments, you could track down these energies and release them. Or the house may be haunted. Someone has committed suicide in the house, and and and.......

Spiritual healing is a natural and gentle healing method that encourages people and animals to develop their self-healing powers and energy flow.

Today, healing treatments with the laying on of hands are used in public institutions, hospitals, holistic practices and clinics and have long since ceased to be a secret.

They are the modern future based on ancient knowledge.

So much more is possible if you want to create a successful collaboration.

With me you are welcome from the bottom of your heart with whatever causes you grief


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