1:1 Consciousness work to the core of your soul - online

500,00  3 hours

Would you like to raise your consciousness, integrate spirituality into your life or train your psychic perception skills? I support your soul talents and meet you where you are right now to help you master your individual path.


1:1 accompaniment online in the Zoom meeting into a higher consciousness in heavenly spheres.

The world of the soul has wonderful ancient wisdom teachings and spiritual realities in store for us. Kindness, warm-heartedness, inner strength, clarity, wisdom, love and the connection to the soul world are waiting to be discovered in you.

Would you like to expand your heart and lovingly and harmoniously shape your life in good cooperation with heaven and earth? Then you will also bring joy to me and those around you. Individual work with the higher consciousness brings lightness and peace to our society.

What do you wish for?

Would you like to:

  • get to know yourself in the depths of your soul?
  • get to know the energy of thoughts and words?
  • feel the connection with your soul?
  • give your soul more freedom?
  • recognize the closeness to nature?
  • train your extrasensory perception skills?
  • communicate with animals, the deceased or other spiritual beings?
  • learn spiritual, energetic healing for yourself, your family and friends or even do it professionally?
  • Perhaps you already have experience or training and would like to continue your education?

Open up cooperation with your higher self, which is connected to you as part of your soul through the heart. You will be gifted with these qualities on your soul path:

  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Clarity
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Compassion
  • Intention
  • Clarity
  • Truth of the soul
  • Self-healing
  • Wisdom
  • and communication with other unconditional soul beings from the light.

Everyone has different wishes, talents and potential for their life's journey. Your environment has shaped what you have achieved so far. Now your soul consciousness is turning. A loving and light-filled being with inner peace and serenity has an effect on your environment. It increases your life energy and brings momentum into your life.

With attention to detail, we will expand your horizons in a well-grounded way. I will take you on a journey into your innermost being and beyond into the higher consciousness of the spiritual world.

You are welcome to become a master of yourself!

Procedure for joint work

After your booking you will receive an e-mail with a zoom link and a few formalities that are legally required. I would be delighted if you could let me know in advance what you would like to change and learn. We will then be in contact and I would like to prepare as best as possible for you.

The joint work begins with an online exchange in a Zoom meeting. Our work together will take about 3 hours. After 90 minutes, we will take a short break.

Please create a relaxed atmosphere in advance so that you create the best conditions for your life change. I recommend that you keep the day free for yourself so that you can integrate new things into your life in a relaxed manner. Please also have some writing materials ready to take notes.

Every soul being is individual and needs its own time and support. That is why we approach the further development of your soul with calm, honesty, serenity and free from time pressure.

During the conversation, I would like to know what your goals, dreams and wishes are in relation to your soul's personal progress. Together we will look at what you have already been given in the present and what I and the spiritual world can do for you. I have a lot of information and knowledge ready for you.

What would you like to learn?

We deepen our being together with a small mindfulness exercise in the form of a silent mini-meditation to allow everyday thoughts to calm down. A short current check on your current sensations and perception of the body also helps to let go of the old and create space for the new.

May everything turn out the way you want it to and the best solution for you.

By uniting the higher consciousness with the subconscious and mental consciousness, you have the opportunity to remember perfection in the light and also to communicate with the spiritual world.

I have written a lot of it down in teaching materials and will send you some memories of this wonderful work in the form of a script.

At the end of this absolutely light-filled collaboration, there will be a feeling of "now it's good". This will bring our time to a gentle close.

Did you like our work? Then I would be happy to accompany you on another part of your life's journey. For new appointments, we will discuss the many possibilities and look for the best for your well-being and development.

With gratitude, we return to everyday life and turn our gaze to the present and the future.