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Offers for you - Julia Mozar
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Love & spirituality are given to everyone.

Activate self-healing

Working together and activating your self-healing power is like taking a short journey through time together. Through conversations, meditation, transformational work and a natural flow of energy - all in a protected setting - we create something new together: new inspiration, new perspectives and new vitality.

My expanded sensory perception abilities lead to parts of the being that people have often lost access to. Purity and clarity stimulate the awakening of life energy. Self-love and a constructive mental focus on life allow us to develop our personality, support cell formation in the body and give us peace.

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Spiritual healing

Energy work - Julia Mozar
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The human body, mind and soul contain wonderful abilities for self-regeneration and healing.

It is a great gift to combine higher consciousness and spiritual healing. Through my training and experience, I was able to get to know both. I see it as my task to extend a hand to people and animals to accompany them on their journey in challenging times. 

Here are a few examples of possible applications of spiritual healing work:

  • Activation of self-healing powers
  • Recharge your batteries with vital energy
  • Balancing the aura and chakras
  • Energetic cleansing for well-being and resilience
  • Straightening & treatment for complaints of the back and musculoskeletal system
  • Vitalizing treatment after Corona 
  • Treatment of many different physical complaints and pains
  • Stimulation of the body to eliminate heavy metals and chemical substances
  • Treatment for allergies
  • Energetic support for a change in consciousness
  • Release of mental and energetic blockages
  • Transformation of stressful feelings
  • Treatment of traumatic experiences
  • Dissolution of external energies
  • Solving occupations
  • Residential or lecture room disorder

"Love heals all wounds" - I offer knowledge, my spiritual abilities and time from the bottom of my heart and show a way for people and animals to find ways of recovery in order to regain inner peace and well-being within themselves.

Growing spiritually - distance healing

Anything is possible with energetic work! Because energy is universal and comes from the heart - with the help of the spiritual world. That is why it is possible to activate the self-healing power even without physical proximity.

Just as in the personal encounter, I use my clairvoyant powers of perception to detect mental blockages and transform them with the help of consciousness. In this way, self-healing processes can be set in motion and recovery can happen from within. Recovery in a holistic sense.

Working together remotely begins with an exchange over the phone or Zoom meeting. At the beginning of the conversation, I will explain to you exactly how the work together will proceed. Relax and enjoy this spiritual experience.

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Votes for Nadine Julia

Julia's sensitive, empathic charisma with her wonderful healing work, which picked me up where I was at that moment, has brought color back into my life, the sadness has vanished and my perception has changed. Many, many thanks, dear Julia!

Elisabeth J., Hamburg

Julia has a way of making me feel calm and safe. I was able to reveal a lot more about myself. Julia immediately established a connection to my inner self. The conversation brought me so many insights, but there was more. I felt refreshed, clear, as if everything was now full of light. It is an enchanting, fantastic and unique experience to work with Julia. I am incredibly grateful.

Kathi J., Hamburg

Dear Ms. Mozar, I know that I owe my speedy recovery in large part to you, and I am happy that I was able to get to know you and your beneficial work. Thank you again very, very much for your help!

Martha N., Ahrensburg

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